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Hot topics such as Zero waste, rubbish, plastic, how to use less, recycling and how to keep the world free of plastic are everywhere: they are part of our day to day conversation, online discussions and are becoming increasingly part of our news and media diet.  

If you're thinking of going zero waste then Fillfull can help. Fillfull is an eco shopping and refill experience (also known as a zero waste shop) which opened in the lovely town of Ottery St Mary in East Devon in August 2018. It was set up to help the local community move a step closer to using less and reusing more while ensuring that the food along the way is still tasty and interesting. 


At the beginning of December 2019 we opened our second waste free shop in the beautiful regal town of Sidmouth. This is an amazing opportunity  for the locals and tourists to change their lifestyle and become plastic free.

New Arrivals
Zero waste shops are opening all around the country. This is so exciting to see but these shops need members of the public to help by shopping local and supporting them. There are lots of things you can do to reduce your impact on the planet and by making a few daily swaps you can make a difference. 
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