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How It Works

There are many ways you can help the environment and reduce your plastic waste. Shopping at Fillfull is a really easy way to swap lots of your everyday purchases by buying eco products or refilling your existing containers.


You can bring along any container you like: if it can be weighed on our scales, you can use it! Glass jars, take away containers, oil bottles, drinks bottles or just simply re use your old containers from your usual shampoo/shower gel etc.  

Used Plastic Bottle on Beach


Every container needs to be weighed first so please speak to a member of staff. Once the container is weighed you can fill up with as much or as little as you would like. It really is that simple to take the next step into plastic free shopping. If you need any assistance, please ask one of our friendly staff.

Please make sure all your containers are washed thoroughly before filling. 


Fillfull does not take any responsibility for any contamination after the products have been decanted into your containers.