Kitchen Towels 2 pack

Kitchen Towels 2 pack


Bagasse is a bit good you know.

Its the waste left over after making sugar.

Some bright spark looked at loopaper and decided that it was probably better to use Bagasse instead of cutting down lovely trees just to wipe your bum.

“Oh!” they thought and they chucked in some super quick easy growing bamboo goodness (We like that, you know)

Then by replacing 70% of the roll with this fabulous eco mix they need 70% less  timber.

Ta Dah!!  super poop paper!

But wait a minute, Kitchen Towels, do you have those.. why yes!!

Could we get 2 rolls per pack with say, 80 sheets per roll,  of two-ply quality kitchen towels?

Yes, Yes we can

Absorbent, strong, sustainable paper towels in ‘eurosize’ rolls to fit your kitchen drawer

No plastic packaging (front panel is a compostable plant-based cellophane, ooh!)


Made primarily from recycled sugarcane and fast-renewable bamboo, to save trees

Free from inks, perfumes, GMOs and BPA, septic safe and fast biodegradable

2 rolls per pack, 80 sheets per roll, two-ply quality

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